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Our high-quality products are available for a price much lower than our competitors. You can select and shop our wide range of products just in a click in our SHOP section. We also work together with our clients to create and produce customised products. Get in touch to know how we can help. Platonic Nanotech Pvt.Ltd. Having Excellent team , focused on maintains product quality and develop strong relationships with the our reputed Client. We are expertise to develop customized materials as per requirement.

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We are proud to Platonic Nanotech Pvt.Ltd. Imagine the Future Nanomaterials in 2D Crystalline materials consisting of Two-Dimensional Single layer of Atom. Graphene is the wonder, stronger and thinnest revolutionary materials. We create the next generation of amazing materials by Various method for delivering high quality of Nanomaterial at very competitive price.

Platonic Nanotech Private Limited is Nanomaterial Provider company, engaged in Research, development and sales of high quality of Nanomaterial as a customer’s desired base.


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Platonic Nanotech Pvt.Ltd uses its proprietary “Bottom Up” process for the production of high quality graphene. We own the intellectual property and know-how behind this process. As it is now established, graphene has the ability to transfer its intrinsic characteristics to other material when blended even in a minute quantity. Thus, can enhance the performance of existing wide range of material and open up enormous fields of new applications and technology. We at Platonic are dedicated to produce Graphene and Graphene Based Products of highest standard and make it available for a price much cheaper that the current market trends. We look forward to collaborating with Industries and Research Organisation and Investors to explore “The Graphene Technology” which can immensely contribute to the economic growth of the country.

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